Lucky for so long · folk, roots

Any chance? / Give up on the game / Kill me with kindness (2025)

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Piano for the free to roam · piano

Colosseum / Soriano nel Cimino / Nokken: Around on 2 Wheels (2024)

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Streets of Dundee · orchestral, instrumental

Gourdie Brae / Strawberrybank / Sugarhouse Wynd (2024)

Introducing Streets of Dundee, a new orchestral collection celebrating the roads, avenues, wynds, lanes and streets of the city!

Each day of January 2024, I composed new tunes for various streets around my home city of Dundee as a fun project. Each was written in a different key, featuring different instruments, and exploring many tones, rhythms and feelings.

These tunes grew, evolved and became an entire orchestral album - evoking the wide range of sights and sounds - with a wee nod here and there to the history hidden among the streets of Dundee.
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West Highland Way Suite · orchestral, instrumental

Ba Cottage, On Rannoch Moor / Buachaille Etive Mòr, The Great Herdsman of Etive / Lairig Mòr, The Great High Pass (2024)

Drawing inspiration from walking the West Highland Way, these pieces bring together orchestral sounds to evoke the breathtaking majesty of Scotland's wild places.
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Piano for the Wild in Spirit · piano, instrumental

Best is yet to come / The fire still burns / Flowing to the sea (2023)

New music written during a Scottish winter by the sea and spring in the highlands, this is the follow-up to the widely enjoyed Piano for the Young at Heart . . .
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Flights of Fancy · stories, funk, roots

The Highest Mountains / Gold / Thunderstorm (2023)

Written at the same time as "Portraits of People I Never Knew", we meet a few more folks from different backgrounds and discover their stories and perspectives. This time there's a funk feel, plus orchestral backing.
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Orchestral Adventures · orchestral, instrumental

Slowly Growing / Where Will You Be In Five Years Time? / Flight of the Magpie (2023)

Orchestral arrangements of pieces from previous albums - bringing a broader sound to familiar melodies. These were inspired by the Exhibition Pieces projects - and the unexpected success and interest brought by instrumental music . . .
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Exhibition Pieces · instrumental

Tay Whale Bones / Sailors Gift / The Miles Tae Dundee (2023)

An album of music in 24 keys, with titles inspired by items on display at The McManus Dundee.
These include pieces for various combinations of instruments, from solo piano to brass group to full orchestral arrangements.
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Piano for the Young at Heart · piano, instrumental

When Did You Last Look off into the Distance? / Dog Among the Pigeons / Tuesday's Tune (2022)

A wide range of piano music with a twist of fun, from contemporary classical to jazz . . . gathering over 600k streams in the first year.
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Portraits Of People I Never Knew · stories, folk, roots

The Bones of You and Me / How Long? / Worry to Wonder (2022)

Inspired by a gravestone beneath a tree in a local cemetery (featured in the artwork), "The Bones of You and Me" was the first song in a series of daily explorations of characters both real and imagined whose stories are told in this album.
The feel of the music meanders between folk, blues and country, with guest appearances from Calder Houston on electric guitar and Sarah Boyle on cello.
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TATTCD09 on Tattie Records

grow thrive bend break · ballads

Grow, Thrive / First World Problems (2021)

Songs collected over the past 25 years and recorded during lockdown in spring 2021.
These ballads explore themes of love, growth, optimism and perception - and are sung from the heart, accompanied on acoustic guitar and supported by piano and rhythm section (with occasional flute).
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TATTCD08 on Tattie Records

Notes from a Scottish Summer · piano, instrumental

Get Up / The Dighty Burn / Horse Chestnut (2021)

These are pieces for piano I wrote during lockdown in 2020, full of blue notes and jazz chords. There are three parts - first, the "Get..." tunes - written one a day during the first lockdown & prompted by family life. Next, "Lochs, hills + rivers" - based on walks around the east of Scotland once we were allowed further afield. Finally, "Roots, branches + leaves" - inspired by trees in our local park...

Each one has a different feel, from mellow or wistful to fast & snappy.
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TATTCD07 on Tattie Records

stars from a sidecar · roots, indie folk

Orion's Belt / Sidecar / All O'er the World (2019)

Some songs stay with you until you get them out of your system! That's how it felt with this album. Life has been busy since giving up his day job, but despite taking longer than usual, Ed has eventually put together a new collection of songs. stars from a sidecar has a rootsy/folky sound, developing ideas from previous releases.
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TATTCD06 on Tattie Records

Day Job · roots, blues

High Girders / Daisy / Off The Cliff / Cold Stares (2015)

Roots and blues with a band. Songs about work and walking the dog.
Limited edition CD in handmade case.
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TATTCD05 on Tattie Records

Simple Life · folk

Ballad of Lorraine and Frank / On Magdalen Green / Ode to the Kingsway (2013)

New-fashioned folk songs, released October 2013 with a tour of Scotland, collecting several new songs about Dundee and further afield.
CDs are sold out, sorry!
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"Simple Life is my favourite album by anyone locally from the last year, it is fantastic. I think it is the sheer honesty of the performances...and the lyrics and music and stuff of course, too." Brian Hutton

TATTCD04 on Tattie Records

Like Like Unlike · pop

Like Like Unlike / Midnight Clear / Cage for the Clouds (2011)

With tracks about Facebook, Christmas and unplugged versions of eight other songs.

TATTCD03 on Tattie Records

Live in Dundee · live

Paradise / You see her / Cold Stares (2011)

First full live set caught on tape during summer 2011.

TATTCD02 on Tattie Records

Cage for the Clouds · pop

Promises are broken / He says, she says / She's gone (2011)

Debut album, featuring songs about love and heartbreak.
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"High class UK indie songwriting . . . soulful, moving and absorbing . . . a voice that is rich, distinct, full of feeling and warmth."

TATTCD01 on Tattie Records