Ed Muirhead

piano-player · songwriter · composer · roots, blues, folk

Piano for the Wild in Spirit
Piano music inspired by the Scottish Highlands and more.

Flights of Fancy
Story songs with funk and folk.

Orchestral Adventures
Orchestral arrangements exploring a range of themes.

Piano for the Young at Heart
Piano pieces inspired by a range of places and feelings.

French chapel

songs · everyday, extraordinary

"songwriting done right, skillfully realised, performed without equivocation; the results are moving." Oli Arditi

Visit the songs page and explore over 200 songs and tunes, with lyrics and audio.

albums · roots, blues, folk, instrumental

Instrumental collections: Piano for the Wild in Spirit, Orchestral Adventures, Exhibition Pieces, Piano for the Young at Heart, Notes from a Scottish Summer

Portraits of People I Never Knew - folk/roots

grow thrive bend break - ballads

stars from a sidecar - singer-songwriter/folk

Day Job - roots and blues with a band.

Check the releases page for details of the albums so far.

stars from a sidecar

ed on piano

shows · piano, passion, patter

"Ed's live show is slick and entertaining with a sound somewhere between Tom Waits and Mick Marra. Awesome." Dave Arcari

Shows since 2009.

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