Notes from a Scottish Summer

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During the covid pandemic + lockdown, Ed had quite a bit more spare time at home. For the first time in a while, he had the urge to write instrumental music - and came up with a stack of new tunes inspired by a range of subjects - often infused with blue notes and jazz chords.
The first batch of tunes were written one a day in the course of a week in the original lockdown. These range from the rise-and-shine of "Get Up" to the punchy "Get On" and the bluesy "Get Even" - all prompted by family life in the "new normal".
The second group, "Lochs, Hills + Rivers" are based on walks around the east of Scotland - once restrictions eased and we could travel further afield. Ed's hometown Dundee features in "The Dighty Burn" and "Across the Tay" alongside Edinburgh's "Salisbury Crags". An outing to the Angus Glens inspired two pieces with different tones: "Walking to Loch Brandy", then "Lost at Loch Wharral"!

Finally, "Roots, Branches + Leaves" includes six pieces inspired by trees (and the creatures that live in them) - spotted while walking the dogs. Each of these also has a different feel, from the whole-tone exploration of "Climbing the Branches" and the mellow "Slowly Growing" to the up-beat bounce of "Squirrel!".
At the start of 2021: as restrictions tightened again, Ed recorded the pieces to bring them all together in a new album, featuring a lot of piano and a little bit of rhythm and bass too.

There's sheet music so you can play all the pieces too: three books printed on quality paper and spiral bound.
Plus there are individual PDF downloads - see the music page on Dundee Piano.

Notes from a Scottish Summer
Lochs, Hills and Rivers
Roots, Branches and Leaves