food bags + stock calculator · web page


Developed while volunteering at a food bank, to help work out how much of each item is needed. Also helps forecast stock levels.

Easy to use, and fits on a phone screen.

Food Bags + Stock Calculator

pythagoras calculator · web page


To help work out the sides of a right-angled triangle, using Pythagoras theorem.

Maths Pythagoras Calculator

kinetic energy calculator · web page


To help work out kinetic energy, mass and velocity.

Kinetic Energy Calculator

music map · web page and scripts


Showing connections between bands, clickable and connected.

Dundee Music Map

CADminTools · ASP/database


Web-enabled database and tracker program to manage CAD licenses and users. Includes scripts to monitor Flex licenses across multiple servers, and interconnected databases.

This was used by various engineering organisations around the globe - including the Portuguese road authority, who saved thousands of Euros!

CADminTools on SourceForge