ed's releases

Stars from a sidecar · roots, etc

Orion's Belt / Sidecar / All O'er the World (2019)

Coming soon . . .

Day Job · roots, blues

High Girders / Daisy / Off The Cliff / Cold Stares (2015)

Roots and blues with a band. Songs about work and walking the dog.
Limited edition CD in handmade case.

"High Girders throws down a glove to anyone who says that the blues are passé; in fact it's a thumping tune in the vein of its earliest incarnations that suddenly sounds terribly novel." Mike Clark, 1320radio.com

TATTCD05 on Tattie Records

Simple Life · folk

Ballad of Lorraine and Frank / On Magdalen Green / Ode to the Kingsway (2013)

New-fashioned folk songs, released October 2013 with a tour of Scotland, collecting several new songs about Dundee and further afield.
There's only a couple of CDs left, grab one while you can...

"Simple Life is my favourite album by anyone locally from the last year, it is fantastic. I think it is the sheer honesty of the performances...and the lyrics and music and stuff of course, too." Brian Hutton

TATTCD04 on Tattie Records

Like Like Unlike · pop

Like Like Unlike / Midnight Clear / Cage for the Clouds (2011)

With tracks about Facebook, Christmas and unplugged versions of eight other songs.

TATTCD03 on Tattie Records

Live in Dundee · live

Paradise / You see her / Cold Stares (2011)

First full live set caught on tape during summer 2011.

TATTCD02 on Tattie Records

Cage for the Clouds · pop

Promises are broken / He says, she says / She's gone (2011)

Debut album, featuring songs about love and heartbreak.

"High class UK indie songwriting . . . soulful, moving and absorbing . . . a voice that is rich, distinct, full of feeling and warmth."

TATTCD01 on Tattie Records